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Acai Bowls




In 2015 the Chicago restaurant Bee & Tea wanted to add açaí bowls to their spring menu. My job was to teach young adults about the açaí berry and inform them on how our bowls could benefit their health.

Acai_Cover_Image copy.jpg


I started off this project by researching the açaí berry, it’s health benefits and the region of the world that it comes from. I utilized the set of keywords below to guide my search for imagery that I felt reflected these qualities of the açaí berry. I particularly found the contrast of organic shapes of the fruit itself with geometric shapes found in South American textiles particularly interesting.

Pantone Chips.jpg

Layout: While working on social media and other food franchises I learned that people enjoy looking at good pictures of food. I kept the imagery really simple and focused on a few bowls for viewers to become familiar with what they look like. I also choose to keep the typography large and clear to describe the benefits of the fruit. Lastly I kept in mind the versatility of these graphics to be used in a multiple mediums by keeping the layout of type and image straightforward.

Color: For this series I wanted to use a set of organic colors from the juice of the acai berry itself paired with the color of the leaves you would find in the south american rainforest.

Typography: To follow the organic nature of this food I also wanted the typography to have that hand-lettered feel. We also decided to use a mixture of typefaces to push that natural look even more.